Putting the "F-U" in "Funky Winkerbean."

Once upon a time, the comic strip "Funky Winkerbean" was a pleasant little daily funnie about a high school and their band director. Now it has become a veritable "soap opera" strip, akin to such two-panel wonders as "Mary Worth" and "Rex Morgan, MD." In fact, the nature of the comics are so similar that when the dialog is swapped between any given comic strip of the soap opera genre and any given recent "Funky Winkerbean" strip, the change in quality and context is virtually unnoticeable.

In short, I take a strip from something like "Mary Worth" or "Rex Morgan MD" and swap its dialog with the dialog from a "Funky Winkerbean" strip, demonstrating how little difference there is between the two. Observe.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

FW <==> Mary Worth + Bit of Commentary

Today is the week's final b/w installment of Tommy B's Author Tract, and we have Susan Smith -er- thanking Les for being a "good teacher." Swapping the dialog with a "romantic" Mary Worth makes the character's intent a lot more clear.

The resulting MW comic is a bit "funky," (HAHA! See what I did there?) but it still somewhat works within its original "romantic" context.


Randy said...

Oh, come on, Emily, don't be a tease! You give us this, and then comes creampie week in Westview, and... nuthin'?

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